Adelaide Fringe: Blanc de Blanc

GOUD Blanc de Blanc - photo by Pamela Raith PhotographyIf you want to be immersed in champagne infused show featuring brilliant acrobatics, cheeky comic routines with a bawdy burlesque display then you are in the right place. Blanc de Blanc has just the right amount of everything. Your host Monsieur Romeo begins with a dialogue en francais, which is later translated by Spencer his sidekick that sets the scene for an amazing night of entertainment.

Slick routines that provide amazing shapes both on the stage and in the air are lit by an amazing crew that breathes life into this show. This is all sewn together by a fabulous soundtrack that is nothing short of genius. Whilst some of the comedy routines could be sharpened up, they are still funny and the packed audience applauded in all the right spots.

There is nudity in this production which left some gasping in one section (maracas) but it was appropriate and gave the audience the mood, burlesque look and feel of a French production set in the 40’s. The cast lived inside their characters for the duration which was split into two sections, a longer first half and shorter second. I wonder if the break is necessary as when it came back in it took a while to get a full head of steam.

Saying this, we really loved the show, one of the many highlights was the aerials of Hampus Jansson and Milena Straczynski (actual partners). Not only was their strength phenomenal but also the purity of form was perfection. The cast clearly enjoy performing together and spend a considerable time with the audience showing them why. If you sit in the front row take a raincoat.

Costumes, lighting and a killer soundtrack from this production conceived and directed by Scott Maidment make for an Adelaide Fringe ticket, which will sell out show after show. Blanc de Blanc is a winner already and the Fringe has just begun, awards buzz…

This show breathes life into acrobatics, dancing and cabaret done to death in other shows that struggle to keep my attention. The modern fresh new take which kept me so interested, I didn’t want it to end! The show is that good, it could be a headline act in Vegas.

Blanc de Blanc
Magic Mirrors Spiegel Tent –  The Garden of Unearthly Delights, East Terrace, Adelaide
Performance: Tuesday 21 February 2017 (preview)
Season continues to 19 March 2017
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Image: Blanc de Blanc – photo by Pamela Raith Photography

Review: Stephen Foenander and Betty Samis – courtesy of All About Entertainment