Adelaide Cabaret Festival: The Legend of Queen Kong Episode II In Outer Space

Adelaide Cabaret Festival Queen Kong Yana AlanaThe Legend of Queen Kong Episode II In Outer Space – Featuring Yana Alana as Queen Kong – is it a coincidence that this show is in the Space Theatre? As Yana Alana quotes “this show goes sideways, diagonally and back round again”. It certainly took you to many places. Some that made sense and some that didn’t. One thing was for sure, as Queen Kong proclaimed “This is a Rock show go ape shit!”

Queen Kong is a mythological creature part ape part rock from the Planet Earth. Two hundred years ago humans worshipped her as a God but then imprisoned her for being too large. Then a meteorite came down to earth where she jumped on it to be taken back into space. Are you with following? It’s ok not many of us did.

More so we were blown away with the songs, the monologues and dialogues between Queen Kong and her self or with Yana Alana or Yana Alana with Sarah Ward or was it Queen Kong with Sarah Ward? Well, there was a lot of information to absorb in the 70 minutes.

The costumes were as weird and colourful as the show. The four-piece allfemale band called The HOMOsapiens rocked it. While the songs were quirky they were serious, relevant and at times poignant. A highlight being Yana Alana singing a powerful and haunting version of Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock.

While it was strange and at times overwhelming I found myself loving it. Queen Kong is a likable character that had me smiling and laughing. The Legend of Queen Kong Episode II In Outer Space is a show with social and moral messages making you think outside your comfort zone.

We were told there’s no such thing as endings or beginnings and that this show is not downloadable. I do have to say though that this show was definitely one entertaining intergalactical rock experience.

The Legend of Queen Kong Episode II In Outer Space
Space Theatre – Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Road, Adelaide
Performance: Saturday 23 June 2018

Image: Yana Alana as Queen Kong – courtesy of Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Review: Anastasia Lambis – courtesy of All About Entertainment Adelaide