Adelaide Cabaret Festival: Michaela Burger – A Migrant’s Son

ACF Michaela Burger A Migrant's SonThis was my first time seeing Michaela Burger. The title of her show was the draw card for me as I am also a child of migrants. It’s always intriguing to hear the stories of how and why people leave their country of birth and most times it’s not by choice.

From the moment Burger walked on to the stage and greeted us with a loud and cheerful Yiasou! (Greeks tend to be a few decibels louder than most people so it was a perfect hello), I felt an instant sense of warmth. A welcome to my family kind of warmth and for the next 70 minutes I did feel like I was part of the family.

Award-winning cabaret performer Burger takes us on an emotional journey with an insight to the hardships and triumphs endured by her family starting with her Pro-Pappou (Great Grandfather). Like all Greek families nothing is ever achieved alone and there is a common element of grandparents, parents, brothers or sisters involved to enrich each story.

The main hero of Burger’s story is her Dad Luke Lucas. A hard working and fun loving larrikin always striving to do the best for his family. Often reminding Burger “The Family is Everything” fulfilling a purpose to look after his family.

Burger’s emotionally powered narrative of her family’s history was one the most passionate and heartfelt I’ve seen in any cabaret show. She captivated the audience through her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics of tragedy and joy. While the sounds of the bouzouki took us on a musical journey of the Greek life, the old family photos from years gone by, on the big screen, gave us a visual of the family we came to know, admire and appreciate.

This was the first time Michaela Burger had performed A Migrant’s Son and it was a privilege to be in the audience. It had all the elements of a perfect cabaret show – fun and laughter, tragedy and triumph along with sadness and passion. Much more importantly it was told by the perfect cabaret performer.

Michaela Burger – A Migrant’s Son
Artspace Theatre – Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Road, Adelaide
Performance: Thursday 21 June 2018

Image: Michaela Burger – photo by Claudio Raschella

Review: Anastasia Lambis – courtesy of All About Entertainment Adelaide