Adelaide Cabaret Festival: Carla Lippis – Cast a Dark Shadow

ACF Geoff Crowther, Carla Lippis and Vicky Falconer star in Cast a Dark Shadow - photo by Steve Gregson.jpgSultry, sexy and haunting casting that dark shadow my first thought on seeing Carla Lippis is Rock n Raunch. This was my first experience into the Carla Lippis world, and from the moment she walked onstage, I gazed upon those pulsating eyes, I was scared and excited at the same time. She has a commanding presence and whether it’s one of her original songs or a cover of another artist she owns the song like a dark empress.

Set with tables on the stage transforming the venue into an intimate late night jazz club Lippis proclaimed how excited she was to finally play the Festival Theatre and that “she’s made it”. She powered through songs like Nirvana’s Lithium and L7s Fast and Frightening – transporting you into the darkness immersing you into her scary yet sexy world.

Also showcasing us some of her originals such as You’ll Heal this Rotten Heart where she explains how the song came about – after travelling with a band of Italian musicians who felt a woman’s place was not with the boys despite her being the lead vocals of the group.

The bond between Lippis and her band consisting of Victoria Falconer on Piano who plays a mean theremin solo during one of the songs, Jarred Payne on Drums, Alana Dawes on Bass and husband Geoff Crowther on guitar is tight. It’s obvious to see the camaraderie between them.

Lippis knows how to rock an up-tempo song or show her sensual side to slower ones captivating the audience in the process. Despite the darkness there is a glisten in her eyes where she delivers the song like it’s a part of her soul. Finishing on an original “subtle song”, well as subtle as a Lippis song can be, called I’m a Liar, rocking it and eating you up alive in the process.

For encore we were treated with a melodic and seductive version of Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang. To quote Carla Lippis “Too many people are trying to be sexy all the time – it’s not cool. Scary is the new sexy.” After seeing Carla Lippis, yes, scary is the new sexy!

Carla Lippis – Cast a Dark Shadow
Festival Theatre – Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Road, Adelaide
Performance: Friday 15 June 2018 – 6.30pm

Image: Geoff Crowther, Carla Lippis and Vicky Falconer star in Cast a Dark Shadow – photo by Steve Gregson

Review: Anastasia Lambis – courtesy of All About Entertainment