Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Butt Kapinski

ACF Deanna Fleysher as Butt KapinskiIf you ever read the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books as a child and loved them, you will appreciate this show. Once seated there’s no turning back as you are front row at every angle because you are not just a witness to the murder but a willing, or we could say for some, unwilling participant.

Butt Kapinski is an American private eye on a trail of solving a murder in the seediest parts of town encountering the shadiest people along the way. Who are these people? Well it’s the audience! Its you, your friends and the people on the table next you.

No scenario or topic is off limits. You will find content in its dirtiest and unscripted form but don’t blame Butt Karpinski. He’s just a private eye investigating these low down dirty crimes you’ve committed. He knows how to interrogate suspects pushing them to step out of their comfort zone whether it be portraying a prostitute, taxi driver or any of the seedy characters in this “film noir.”

On this night there were no hands up willing to take on the role of a paedophile, but the hilarity was in the silence. Would you be willing to take on a role so provocative? Some audience members relished in having a starring role while others were a little hesitant, but this is what makes the show exciting; the unpredictability of the audience and the quick thinking improvisation of Butt Kapinski.

Butt Kapinski played by the talented Deanna Fleysher was an interesting character complete with an oversized trench coat, a street lamp strapped to Karpinski’s back and a speech impediment, while although at times was hard to understand, it had you in hysterics throughout the show.

Fleysher as her character was quick to respond to the unpredictable antics from the audience reminding us who really is the star of the show. This show pushes you out of your comfort zone and well worth seeing (or I should say participating)!

Butt Kapinski
Arts Space – Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Road, Adelaide
Performance: Thursday 14 June 2018

Image: Deanna Fleysher as Butt Kapinski (supplied)

Review: Anastasia Lambis – courtesy of All About Entertainment