A Stone’s Throw

Cross-Encounters-A-Stone's-ThrowExploring a dramatic and spiritual journey of the mystery of life, death and existence, Cross Encounters will present its inaugural production, A Stone’s Throw, as part of the Melbourne Fringe Digital Program: 25 – 28 November 2020.

The performance creates a parable set in a land of idyllic beauty, where people live a serene pastoral life. A sudden misfortune in the community, forces other members into a contemplation of their mortality.

Different characters travel through recurring cycles of life, trying to explore its true meaning, which may be a mysterious yet beautiful journey. Although the theme is philosophical, the performance is light in touch with flashes of humour as it moves through, reaching an uplifting conclusion.

The collaboration between artists from different cultural backgrounds is the cornerstone of this project. The director Noah Zhao Wang is a professional director long active in physical theatre area in China and has performed in prestigious international festivals including Avignon and Edinburgh

His most recent award winning piece, QIANG YU, and the later large scale work, SHEN YU, were presented at the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival in 2017 and 2018. He moved to Australia early in 2019, where he joined Cross Encounters and began developing the first ever professional physical theatre with Chinese background.

Highlighting the dramatic elements of the story, a solo guitar will evoke the classic tones of Chinese instruments such as Sanxian, Erhu and Yueqin. Composer & Sound Designer John O’ Beirne is a local musician who has played Melbourne’s music scene for several years as a soloist and ensemble member in rock, folk, pop and jazz outfits. John has also been involved in composing for theatre since 2019.

Noah Zhao Wang directs a mix of Chinese and Australian performers including Jesse Donaldson, Rosemary Ochtman and Olivia Wang. The story, performance style, music and creative line up reveal continuing progress in promoting cross-cultural communication between China and Australia. The dynamics of the cross-cultural elements, converging toward an unexpected encounter, will offer a truly innovative and unique work.

Cross Encounters is a new not-for-profit performing arts company that is dedicated to creating innovative cross-cultural theatrical productions. The activities are implemented by a small group with the majority having Melbourne University and theatre backgrounds. Currently the group has a particular focus on art that addresses Asian-Australian contemporary physical theatre. A Stone’s Throw is the company’s first production.

Director: Noah Zhao Wang Featuring: Jesse Donaldson, Rosemary Ochtman, Olivia Wang Composer & Sound Designer: John O’Beirne Set & Lighting Designer: Zena Wang Technician: Qixuan Jin Stage Manager: Ashleigh Morris

A Stone’s Throw
Melbourne Fringe Digital Program
Season: 25 – 28 November 2020
Bookings: www.melbournefringe.com.au

For more information, visit: www.crossencounters.com.au for details.

Image: Cross Encounters will present A Stone’s Throw as its inaugural production (supplied)