A Liminal Odyssey

ALO_Jennifer McDonald

Exploring the manner in which other universes intrude and interact with our reality, Jennifer McDonald’s A Liminal Odyssey portrays the ways in which we can manipulate the world around us.

The concept of A Liminal Odyssey evolved from the notion of String Theory – a theory that proposes multiple universes coexist parallel to one another. The concept that our reality may be multiversal was first voiced in Hindu cosmology.

“Our world is one of an infinite number of distinct worlds, each governed by its own gods on their own cycles of creation and destruction” says Jennifer McDonald.

“Every moment of your life and every decision you make causes you to split your ‘present’ self into an infinite number of future selves, all of whom continuing their existence utterly unaware of each other.”

“Some say these infringements are characterised by experiences like déjà vu or catching sight of something ethereal from the corner of your eye.”

Jennifer McDonald has been a visual artist and professional photographer for 7 years graduating with a fine art photography degree from Edinburgh’s Napier University.

Her early career was spent travelling for 2 years exploring her passion for documentary photography, with the final part of the trip ending up in the Amazon Jungle. From this experience she created Amazona Vida which was exhibited at the Traverse Theatre Gallery in Scotland in 2008.

Her previous exhibitions have included No Connections and Fairy Tales at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh.

Finding her way into the commercial sector working in fashion and portraiture, Jennifer worked a lot with musicians and designers. Her largest campaign was for JRF Rogue Milliner in Scotland.

Moving to Australia in 2009 Jennifer has continued to work in the commercial sector, whilst exhibiting on the side including Descreation at E Fifty-Five in Melbourne. A Liminal Odyssey will be her largest exhibition to date.

A Liminal Odyssey
Gallery – Chapel Off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel St, Prahran
Exhibition: 16 September – 6 October 2013
Free entry

Image: Lacune by Jennifer McDonald