A historic moment for cultural and creative industries as Creative Australia is launched 

NIDA Properties and Objects student Tallulah Baran courtesy of Creative AustraliaOn 30 January this year Australia Council for the Arts welcomed the Australian Government’s National Cultural Policy – Revive: a place for every story, a story for every place. The centrepiece of Revive was the establishment of Creative Australia, an expanded and modernised Australia Council for the Arts, a transformative step in the evolution of the organisation.

On Thursday 24 August, The Honourable Tony Burke MP, Minister for the Arts, officially launched Creative Australia heralding a renewed Australia Council and a bold new chapter for arts and creativity.

“Creative Australia will bring the drive, direction and vision that Australian artists have been calling out for,” said Minister Burke.

“Creative Australia will reflect the diversity of our communities with both practicing artists and creative industry expertise actively involved in its future direction,” said Creative Australia CEO, Adrian Collette AM.? “This is an exciting new chapter for this organisation as we look to increase the public value delivered by a thriving arts and creative culture.

Creative Australia will be a bigger, bolder champion and investor in Australian arts and creativity. As the Government’s principal investment and development agency, Creative Australia will bring together public, philanthropic, and private investment for maximum impact.

“With artists at the heart of all we do, Creative Australia will connect Australian stories with audiences and build the marketplace nationally and internationally, enhancing our reputation and bringing our rich culture to the world,” said Mr. Collette.

The creative industries play a crucial role in the quality of life of all Australians. From listening to music to attending arts and cultural events, Australians engage with arts and culture, and recognise the positive impacts of creativity on our lives and communities.

“We are committed to nurturing and growing creative talent, artistic expression, and stimulating a sustainable marketplace because creativity connects us and benefits us in every way. Thursday’s launch marks the beginning of a brighter future for artists, creative workers and organisations, all over Australia,” said Mr. Collette.

Work is already underway to establish Music Australia and Creative Workplaces, within Creative Australia. In 2024 the inaugural First Nations-led Board will be established building on the Australia Council’s 50-year history of investment in First Nations Arts and Culture. In 2025, Writers Australia will be established.

For more information about Creative Australia, visit: www.creative.gov.au for details.

Image: NIDA Properties and Objects student, Tallulah Baran – courtesy of Creative Australia