A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Planet

wit Inc. A Hero’s Guide to Saving the PlanetFlying, dancing and saving the planet is all in a day’s work for Captain Eco and The Green Defender, they’re the heroes in wit incorporated’s new comedy, A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Planet at Footscray’s Bluestone Church Arts Space from 1 July 2017.

Created by Artistic Director, Belinda Campbell, A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Planet is an environmental superhero story for all ages. It brings all the fun of cartoons and comic books to the stage, with bright colours, silly jokes and sight gags throughout.

As Captain Eco and her sidekick The Green Defender race against time to discover who has been covering the streets of Footscray with litter, super-villain The Waster continues her plot to cover the world with trash. With the help of the superheroes and their guide book, audiences learn about recycling, reusing, reducing and what happens (or doesn’t happen) to plastic after we’ve finished with it.

“Our planet is in serious trouble,” says Belinda. “We have to make changes now, for the sake of our children and our planet’s future. These superheroes are here to inspire audiences to change their behaviour, without feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead. But most importantly, this is a fun show for the whole family.”

Last year’s Fairy Tale News took Comedy Festival audiences by storm, and wit incorporated is delighted to bring another hilarious script to local audiences and the world premiere of a brand new adventure story for all ages. Be ready for shiny capes, cheesy catchphrases and groan-worthy jokes!

A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Planet
Bluestone Church Arts Space, 8A Hyde Street, Footscray
Season: 1 – 15 July 2017
Information and Bookings: www.witinc.com.au

Image: Belinda Campbell, Sarah Clarke, Emma Hayden, and Kerry du Plessis feature in A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Planet (supplied)