A Chorus of 1000 supporting New Classical Music

Sally-Greenaway-artwork-by-Anne-Hind-photo-by-Ivor-HindAustralian composer Sally Greenaway’s music is often heard on ABC Classic radio and in concert venues around the country. Her music is described as ‘evocative and beautiful’, and there are two new sublime choral works on the horizon, primed for public release in early 2022.

She is spearheading an ambitious audio and video recording project featuring Luminescence Chamber Singers, with Roland Peelman AM at the helm, to bring her music to life.

“This recording is the final part of a larger project to record several of my recent works, with exceptional musicians and a wonderful film and audio team to create stunning audio recordings and music videos for public release,” said Greenaway.

“It has been my dream to have the opportunity to work with Roland Peelman to finesse my choral writing – I am thrilled to have him as a key member of this project.”

Greenaway has found that being able to hear her music come to life is vital to her creative practice, akin to an artist having a current portfolio.

“Being a composer is quite isolating – I rarely get to hear my new pieces come to life in a rehearsal or performance, so being able to collaborate with these remarkable musicians to create a definitive recording of my work is really important,” she said.

It is vital that quality recordings by Australia’s composers and musicians are available to capture our shared cultural history, for broadcast/streaming and to be considered for potential concert or festival programming.

“Unlike paintings it’s impossible for a member of the public to enjoy a musical work simply by looking at the score. They must experience its transformative power by hearing it,” said Greenaway.

Having recently been unsuccessful in a recent major grant round, Greenaway reflects that the funding bodies do not always get the balance right in supporting full-time arts practitioners. “This is why I am seeking financial backing from 1000 supporters. $40 from each supporter will make this project a success,” she said.

Greenaway’s project will employ 21 professional arts practitioners, comprising musicians, film crew and audio engineers via a workshop, rehearsal period and film/audio recording shoot in a historic building.

She is seeking 1000 members of the public to support her with a $40 donation to cover the project costs which comprises professional award rates for the personnel involved in the project and venue hire.

Those wishing to support Sally Greenaway with a tax-deductable donation can do so through the Australian Cultural Fund. For more information about Sally Greenaway, visit: www.sallygreenaway.com.au for details.

Image: Sally Greenaway – artwork by Anne Hind / photo by Ivor Hind