80 Minutes No Interval

80 Minutes No IntervalA short and sharp black comedy with a big impact and a running time only as long as the title suggests, Thread Entertainment in association with Red Line Productions presents Travis Cotton’s 80 Minutes No Interval at the Old Fitzroy Theatre until 9 April 2016.

Some people seem to keep making the same mistakes. For others, bad things simply happen over and over again. In 80 Minutes No Interval, Louis, a failed novelist-come-theatre reviewer, experiences both with tragic consequences.

This hilarious self-referential play examines the 21st century preoccupation with the need for perfection, its resultant crippling indecisiveness, and the effect on those who seek to attain it. We journey with Louis as he stumbles his way through life, love, and theatre.

Written and directed by Travis Cotton, 80 Minutes No Interval features Ryan Johnson (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, House Husbands) returning to the stage after a busy few years in film and television, as the unlucky protagonist Louis. The supporting cast includes Jacob Allan (Packed to the Rafters, Winners & Losers), Robin Goldsworthy (All My Sons, Loot), Sheridan Harbridge (Songs for the Fallen, North by Northwest) and Julia Rorke (Bite Me, Vernon God Little).

Travis Cotton is an award-winning playwright, actor and director. His most recent play, Robots Vs. Art toured Australia and is now included on Victoria’s Curriculum for Theatre Studies. Travis has previously directed two of his own plays, The Fifth at Randwick and God, The Devil, and the true history of mankind. His other plays include This Blasted Earth (co-written with Toby Schmitz) and Rites of Evil.

Writer/Director: Travis Cotton Featuring: Jacob Allan, Robin Goldsworthy, Sheridan Harbridge, Ryan Johnson, Julia Rorke Production Designer: Georgia Hopkins Lighting Designer: Ross Graham Composer/Sound Designer: Hamish Michael Composer: Hue Blanes Stage Manager: Liam Murray

80 Minutes No Interval
Old Fitzroy Theatre, 129 Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo
Season continues to 9 April 2016
Information and Bookings: www.oldfitztheatre.com

Image: Sheridan Harbridge, Jacob Allan and Julia Rorke feature in 80 Minutes No Interval (supplied)