5 Tips and Tricks for Buying Tickets for a Live Event

Tickets-Sign-on-buildingYour favorite artist, band, content creators, or sporting teams are holding an event, and you’re wondering when they’ll start selling tickets. While waiting, you should learn how to score tickets as smoothly as possible.

Remember that the more popular the artists are, the more people will find ways to see the event. That said, here are some practical tips and tricks to get your live event tickets.  

Sign up at Presales 
One option for attending a live event is purchasing tickets in advance through a presale. To ensure adequate tickets for the general sale, the number of people who can buy the Best AFL tickets or attend a concert or tour is sometimes limited.

For that reason, whenever a presale is announced, you should sign up immediately to increase your chances of getting tickets. Fan clubs typically advertise these presales in their newsletters, emails, or social media pages. On the other hand, official ticket retailers will announce the presale through official public channels.  

Suppose you have an existing relationship with the venue, such as providing your email address or phone number to get event information. In that case, the venue may also notify you of presales.

Notably, they will invite a limited number of people to participate in the presale. Also, other artists will include the presale link on their official website.

You can use the insider info on presales that some event websites provide for a better chance of getting tickets before other fans. A registration or sign-up form for email or newsletter distribution is all that’s required.  

Buy only from the Event Organisation or Official Ticketing Partner
Knowing which organiser or retailer is selling official tickets to the event you want to attend is crucial. Some tickets may be offered for sale as many as four times through the organisation, so if you’re not in a rush (and the reseller sites seem legit to you), you may want to shop around.

Sometimes, they will also sell tickets ahead of the organisers themselves. You can look for contact details on the reseller website and inquire if they’re affiliated with the venue or connected to the reseller website.  

Always be Prepared 
If you want to see a particular show, list down and set up reminders on the time and date when tickets will go on sale. Artists, organizers, and the official ticket retailer will inform the public to get them ready.

There’s no reason to be left out, especially now that so many options exist. You can set a reminder five to ten minutes before the sale begins. It’s also good to have all the relevant tabs open in your browser before you make the transaction.  

If you still need to settle on the type of ticket you want to buy in advance, purchasing them will take time. Therefore, it’s crucial to be prepared to speed through the checkout without wasting time.

Signing up for several ticket shops can be time-consuming, so if the event organiser employs more than one, it’s best to do it in advance. At least, when tickets start selling, you’ll only be worried about purchasing them as fast as you can.  

Study the Seating Arrangement 
Typically, the venue or event organizers will make a seating chart available corresponding to the various ticket options.

If you want a good perspective of the show, you must consider where you want to sit in the arena. Once tickets go on sale, you can use this information to pick the best one.  

It’s a good idea to check the seating chart in advance and mark down a few alternate block numbers in case your initial choice is sold out. This method will allow you to decide whether or not to purchase a specific seat efficiently.  

Alternatively, you can keep the seating chart open in a different browser to see if tickets have been made available. In case you can’t find a seat, this will come in handy.  

Keep checking even when Sold-Out 
Although the word “sold out” may be announced, this is not always the case. Usually, as the event date draws nearer, the events planner or the venue will make available a limited number of additional tickets.

Sometimes, they want to give others a chance to purchase them to add more attendees. If you could not avail a ticket during its initial sale, you should see if the official venue offers it for resale.  

In Conclusion 
Events by famous artists or public figures can be hectic, especially during the ticket-selling period. Sign up for presales and be alert for notifications about ticket sales to increase your chances of securing your desired seats.

In addition, ensure that you’re also ready on the time and date of the sale, and keep relevant tabs open to speed up the checkout process. Keep in mind that getting tickets for a once-in-a-lifetime event takes some planning ahead of time.

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