2022 Inspired Dance Film Festival Gala Screening and Awards Ceremony

Entries from around the world competed for awards in the different categories of the 2022 Inspired Dance Film Festival. Entries received included from the USA, Australia, Ireland, Spain and Canada. Given the quality of the competition, it is surprising to learn that this festival is only in its third year.

Finalists were screened and prizes awarded on Saturday night (22 October 2022) at the Thomas Dixon Centre in Brisbane. The brand-new home of Queensland Ballet, this is a beautiful venue. I hadn’t thought of it being used for screenings. Obviously, I see now that it is well suited to include this medium.

Whilst I have a preference for the challenges and dynamics of live performance, it quickly became apparent to me that dance portrayed via film has some advantages over the stage.

During a live performance, the audience member remains seated in the same, designated seat for the duration of the show. The view does not alter.

Watching the screened entries brought me to the realisation that I was looking at the dances from a variety of vantage points. That is one of the advantages of film. The viewer remains in the same place, yet the viewpoints are varied.

Film enables selective and adjusted viewing of different aspects of the performance such as close up or hovering above. Time is not limited to only moving forward. Movement, in the context of dance can be slowed down, fast forwarded, replayed or frozen in the frame.

Space can be localised or expansive. Scenes or sequences can be redone and then edited. This contrasts with the unforgiving environment of live performance where mistakes cannot be erased.

Wonderful to see the diversity of the finalists and the bringing together via dance of social and cultural sectors previously marginalised or ignored.

I would recommend that in future, when the award-winning entries are announced not to read through every name on the credits. Instead, display them on the screen.

Congratulations to all the category winners in the 2022 Inspired Dance Festival.

2022 Inspired Dance Festival Award Winners:

Best Student Dance Film Award:
My Bubble Wrapped Exorcism (Australia)

Best Dance Short Film Award:
Anyone (USA)

Best Art/Experimental Dance Film Award:
Yurodivy (Australia)

Best Disabled Dance Film Award:
Look The Part (Australia)

Best Queer Dance Film Award:
Seek/After (USA)

Best Mobile Device Dance Film Award (SF3 logo)
Pit Stop (USA)

Best Live Performance Capture Dance Film Award:
Roots Above Ground (USA)

Best Documentary Dance Film Award:
Steps Of Freedom (Ireland)

Best Extended Short or Feature Dance Film Award:
Ever So Slightly (Canada)

Best Film Production Award:
Saphi (Spain)

Best Australian Dance Film Award:
Yurodivy (Australia)

Best International Dance Film Award:
Anyone (USA)

Best of the Fest Award:
Look The Part (Australia)

The 2022 Inspired Dance Film Festival took place in Brisbane from 19 – 22 October. For more information, visit: www.inspireddance.com.au for details.

Image: Claire Fletcher’s Look the Part (film still)

Review: Michele-Rose Boylan