That Time Everything Went Well And We Were Totally Fine

WITInc. Totally Fine Jennifer Piper and Belinda Campbell - photo by Jack Dixon-GunnSometimes the only way to deal with a bad day is to laugh at it. Or go to the theatre so you can laugh along with someone else’s bad day. That’s the idea behind That Time Everything Went Well And We Were Totally Fine – a new show by comedy duo Jennifer Piper and Belinda Campbell at the Footscray’s Bluestone Church Arts Space until 16 November 2019.

“It all started out with me and Belinda laughing at some of the bizarre things we both do when we’re overwhelmed,” says co-creator Jennifer Piper. “We wanted to create a show that looks at those horrible feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious or worried, but exaggerate those ideas until they’re funny.

“We all do that when we’re telling stories years after the fact, but it can be hard to laugh when you’re in the middle of it all,” added Piper.

Based on their own experiences and responses from an anonymous survey, Piper and Campbell bring to life the gremlins inside all of us in a series of hilarious sketches, woven around a central story of two friends trying to have a night out.

“Even though we started with anxiety as the fuel for our ridiculous situations, this is not just a play about mental health,” says Piper. “It’s about friendship. It’s about all of the things that make life great, even when it’s tricky.”

Director Kate Cameron says the story is one with universal appeal. “Anxiety and mental health are still relatively taboo subjects, but JP and Belinda manage to make them side-splittingly funny,” she said.

“If you’ve never wondered about how to make pickles and preserves from anxiety, you really need to get along and see this show. This show is a simple story about life, friendship and self-care that we can all relate to, and a fun night out that anyone can enjoy,” said Cameron.

Director: Kate Cameron Featuring: Belinda Campbell, Jennifer Piper Set & Costume Designer: Chelsea Maron Sound Designer: Avery Hutley Lighting Designer: Jamie Turner Production Manager: Lansy Feng Stage Manager: Henry O’Brien Front of House Manager: Gemma Carfi

That Time Everything Went Well And We Were Totally Fine
Bluestone Church Arts Space, 8A Hyde Street, Footscray
Season continues to 16 November 2019
Information and Bookings:

Image: Jennifer Piper and Belinda Campbell – photo by Jack Dixon-Gunn

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